Meet our staff


Jonathan & Aura pappa

Jonathan- Pastor and Teacher

Aura- Teacher

Jonathan and Aura are the directors and founders of the school for the Deaf called "Escucha Mis Manos". They are both deaf. Aura teaches a beginning level class in the mornings during the week and leads a Bible study for deaf women twice a week in the afternoons. Jonathan teaches the fourth-level class during the mornings and works in our video production department in the afternoons. They have three hearing children.

Elvis & Yulissa Aguirre

Elvis- National Director, Teacher, and Pastor

Yulissa- Administrative Secretary and Architect

Elvis and Yulissa (both hearing) are seminary graduates with a heart to reach the Deaf in their country. Elvis teaches the second-level class and is considered Greg's right-hand man. Yulissa is the secretary/bookkeeper and substitutes for the teachers when needed. They have two boys, José Arturo and Samuel.


Febe Hernández

School Coordinator, Clinical Psychologist, and Teacher

Febe (hearing) is also a seminary graduate and Clinical Psychologist. She believes God has called her to work with deaf people, especially children and their parents. She is slowly working her way out of the classroom to devote more time to counseling and teaching parents. Febe also heads up the community classes alongside Aura.

Heidy Girón de Pérez

Cleaning and Maintenance

Heidy is deaf and she and her husband Edwin have two little girls. She is currently on maternity leave, but here in the ministry, Heidy keeps the house and school clean and fresh.


Ruth Figueroa


Ruth is our first-level teacher and is deaf. She stays quite busy teaching children who come to us but don't know a language. Ruth helps in the afternoons with the girl's vocational class. She loves teaching. She and her husband Jorge have two hearing children. As a family, they go the extra mile and are always a great help.

José & Yolima Sánchez

José- Maintenance Technician

Yolima- Vocational Teacher 

José and Yolima (both hearing) are Yulissa's parents and came to us from Venezuela in a miraculous way. Yolima is responsible for the snacks every day and she also teaches the girl’s afternoon vocational class where they learn sewing and home economics. José is the "fixit man" and keeps everything running smoothly, which frees up Greg to do his work. José also helps in the shop when needed.


Margory Chinchilla

Social Worker and Teacher

Margory is hearing and teaches our fifth-level class as well as our Friday adult class. She has learned LSG very quickly and always has a smile on her face. She also helps plan and coordinate the many different extracurricular activities.


Juliet Sánchez de Contreras 


Juliet is Yulissa’s sister and José and Yolima’s daughter. She is married to Miguel and they have two children. She teaches the third-level class and has been learning LSG very quickly. Juliet is organized and has transitioned well into teaching a deaf class. She worked for us as a cook several years ago. 


Sandy López


Sandy started bringing her little girl Karen to school two years ago. She was quick to volunteer with helping Heidy and when we saw what a great attitude she had, we offered her a job cooking the lunches for the children who stay in the afternoons for the vocational classes. Her name sign is an “S” with a smile because she is always smiling.

Dairy Cruz

Teacher's Assistant

Dairy is one of our deaf students who is learning how to be a teacher. She helps in the classrooms and is also continuing her studies here in the PRONEA program. She is a very responsible young lady.


Melki Martínez

Teacher's Assistant

Melki is in an apprenticeship program with Greg and will one day be the Carpentry/Welding shop teacher. He has a great attitude and works well with his hands. He is also very caring, always helping out the other students.

César Vásquez 


César is in an apprenticeship program with Jonathan in the video department. César is young but his sign language is clear and easy to understand. He was one of our first students years ago and is continuing his studies in the PRONEA class.


Edin Flores


Edin is also a student who started with us many years ago. He is currently in the PRONEA class. He is an extraordinary artist, and Jeanette has been training him on the use of the computer writing tablet and graphic design.